COVID-19 Relief Work 2020

Please find below a brief summary of the activities conducted in Koyilandy as part of the COVID-19 relief service.

Koyilandy centre distributed 7460 kg of rice, 3532 kg of dal, 3882 kg of flour, 3236 kg of rava(suji), 1838 kg of sugar, 57 packets of Horlicks, 34 kg of Spices, 120ltrs of edible oil, 10 kg of tea powder, 2000 bars of soap, 2000 packets of detergent powder, 350nos of gloves, 150 bottle of hand sanitizer, 5nos of Dhoties and 200nos of masks among 1815 families from 28 villages in the Kozhikode district from 31st March to 14th May 2020.