Relief work

18th February

On February 18th we distributed sarees and solar lamps to the needy. The beneficiaries are 92 families, 2 sarees & 1 Solar Lamp per family in Kannavam (Village) Kuthuparamba Block , Dist. - Kannur, Kerala,

183th Tithi Puja

17th February

183th Tithi Puja of Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna has been Celebrated with Full of Joy and Devotion on 17.02.2018. Since Morning, people were start gathering to participate themselves in the celebration. The Function was started with Mangalarathi, Suprabatham and Vedic Chanting with songs. This was followed by Homa, special Bhajan by a group of devotees and Bhog Arathi with spiritual talk. The talk on Sri Ramakrishna’s life and his massage, was delivered in Malayalam by Mr. Karthkeyan from Aluwa, Ernakulam Dist. In Kerala. Prasadham was distributed to around 375 Devotees & Public

National youth day

13th January

On the auspicious occasion of Makara sankranti ( pongal) we Visited Keezpally village of Kannur district, where there is no basic amenities, and no electric facilities. We rendered services by giving them Solar lamps and Sarees with books of Swamiji to 104 families with the help of few volunteers and Devotees.

We also did the same at Manhattan's Panchayat village in the same district for 15 families on the same day.

National youth day

12th January

We have celebrated "National youth day" on 12th January, 2018 with procession and youth day congregation in our Math campus. We did procession with some devotees and children from in and around the area of Melur village, koyilandy. It was followed by vedic chanting, songs and speech on Swamiji by different local speakers. Around 40 people participated in the same. We concluded the programme by distributing snacks.

156th Thithi Pooja of Swami Vivekananda

8th January

156th Thithi Pooja of Swami Vivekananda has been Celebrated with Full of Joy and Devotion. Since Morning, people were start gathering to participate themselves in the Jayanthi Function. The Function was started with Mangalarathi, Suprabatham and Vedic Chanting. This was followed by Homa, Bhajan and Bhog Arathi. Talk on Swami Vivekananda was delivered on both English and Malayalam. Dr. Manoharan, Professor of Thelacherry Government College from Kannur District had delivered the speech on Swamiji in Malayalam. Prasadham was distributed to around 250 Devotees & Public

spiritual retreat

1st January

Ramakrishna math Koyilandy conducted a spiritual retreat in connection with “Ramakrishna Kalpataru” on 1st January, 2018. The program started at 3 in the evening with Vedic chanting, followed by guided meditation, bhajan, spiritual talks. Swami Nandatmajanandaji, editor of Prabuddha Keralam, Thissur and Mr. Sasi Kumar - a teacher of Vattakara Higher Secondary School spoke on significance of Kalpataru Day. Before concluding, widow's pension was distributed to 10 members. The Program was ended with a special bhajan rendered by Mr. Jayanta Basu from Kolkata. Around 150 Devotees attended the program. We distributed sumptuous dinner to all the Devotees.

Sri Maa Sarada Devi Birthday Tithi Puja Celebrations

9th December

Ramakrishna math koyilandy Kerala celebrated Sarada Ma birthday tithi puja with great solemnity. About 200 Devotees and children attended the program. Prasad were distibuted among 300 people.

Relief work

19th November

Ramakrishna Math,Koyilandy Kerala Centre distributed costumes to underprivileged people :.400 pants and 200 shirts at perambra, 300 pants and 150 shirts at Nanmanda and 50 pants and 50 shirts at Civilstion, Kozhikode district with books of swamiji on the 19th of November,2017

Anniversary of Sister Nivedita

5th November

Ramakrishna Math Koyilandy, Kerala conducted, to mark the 150th Birth Anniversary of Sister Nivedita. Programme began with inaugural speech about significance of Swachh Bharat in the name of Sister Nivedita, at our Math premises. Swami Dharmapurnananda, from Ramakrishna Mission Sevashram, Kozhikode, addressed the gathering in Malayalam language. Then, thereafter, we started cleaning the entire areas of our Math Streets and nearby 'Anthatta Devi' temple compound areas. Nearly 30 young local people, some students (GAP) and few devotees participated in the programme. At the end of the programme, we distributed food packets to them.


1st october

Ramakrishna Math, Koyilandy, organized the 4th, half day retreat on 1st October, 2017. The retreat comprised of Vedic chanting followed by guided meditation and bhajans. Mr. Ramakrishna (retired teacher of Higher Secondary School, Thellachary, Kannur district, Kerala) and Revered Swami Vinishchalanandaji Maharaj (Secretary of Ramakrishna Mission Sevashram, Kozhikode) rendered the spiritual Talk to the devotees. At the end, we also gave widow-pensions to 10 poor widows @ Rs-1000/- for the months of July, August and September. Around 50 devotees and children (GAP) participated in the programme. We concluded the retreat by giving tea & snacks to them.

Mahalaya and Swami Akhandanandaji's birthday Celebration

21st september

We celebrated Mahalaya and Swami Akhandanandaji's birthday as well. To mark this occasion we installed a huge Kitchen shade to facilitate cooking during special Occasions and also prepare food items for GAP students. Around 50 students and some Devotees attended for the same. Distributed sumptuous prasad with sweet

Onam Celebration

3rd september

Mahabali was a king. He engaged in Ashvamedha Yajna when Lord Vishnu took birth as Vamana appeared on the scene and asked for three pace of land measured by His feet. Mahabali discarding his guru's advice agreed to grant him the land. Vamana now revealed his colossal form and measured earth and heaven by his two steps and asked Mahabali for a put his third one. Mahabali, having lost all his possessions by this act of the Lord, offered his head as the place for His third step. Mahavishnu was pleased by his humility and truthfulness and offered him numerous boons. It is said that Mahabali was offered a boon to return to his kingdom once in a year and when he came so, he was accorded a grand and ceremonial reception: Onam is the celebration of his return. Ramakrishna math koyilandy celebrated 'Onam' festival on 3rd September, 2017 with the local fishermen colony children. It was around 60 no of children along with some needy people and few volunteers at the Math premises. During the celebrations apart from prayers and Bhajans some sport activities were conducted. At the end those children, volunteers and needy people were distributed with 1 set of costumes (pants and shirt, chudidars and sarees). All of them relished Sweet prasad before leaving the Ashrama.

Independence day

15th August 2017

Ramakrishna Math, Koyilandy, Kerala celebrated Independence day 2017, at Math. On connection with this we have distributed note books & pens to the children. The progrmme ended with cake as a prasadam.

Gadadhar Prakalpo

7th August 2017

We have a Gadadhar Prakalpo (for poor children welfare) in our Math. We have given some items to the students for their day to day use .

Guru Poornima

9th July 2017

Ramakrishna Math, Koyilandy celebrated Guru Poornima on 9th July, in a befitting manner. Nearly 140 devotees and children (GAP) attended the celebrations. On this auspicious occasion, a monk from Thrissur Ashram Swami Yativarananda(Jayprakash) opened the renovated Library and a spiritual retreat was also conducted. Prayer, bhajans, guided meditation and discourses on spiritual life were all part of the retreat. Swami Yativarananda and Mr. Kartikeyan (devotee) addressed the devotees in Malayalam language. The celebrations concluded with distribution of pecuniary help to 10 widows and 10 poor students. Each student received 5000/- as grant for the year 2017- 2018 with some note books and pens. Whereas, each widow received 3000/- (i.e. 3 months amount was given @ 1000/- per month for the year 2017- 2018).

Special Puja

30th June 2017

The Special Puja of Thakur Ramakrishna was performed at our Math on 30 June, Friday, in memory of Most Revered Srimat Swami Atmasthanandaji Maharaj. There were Special Pooja, little Bhajans, Homa, and a Memorial meeting performed. At the end Lunch prasad was distributed among the assembled devotees.


24th June 2017

The Holy "RATHAYATRA" day Ramakrishna math koyilandy performed " Siva jnane Jeeva seva" by distributing 250 kg rice, 80 kg Dal, note books, pen & pencil and books of Swamiji to the poor tribal students at Mattilayam village, Wayanad district in Kerala. It is situated on top of the mountain range,3000 feet high from the sea level, about 100 km away from our ashrama.

Distribution of notebooks in fisherman colony

4th June 2017

One day at Dakshineswar when the Master was seated in his room he talked about three salient disciplines of Vaishnava religion: love of God's name, compassion for all living beings and service to the devotees. Repeating the word 'compassion' he went into Samadhi. After a while he returned to normal consciousness and said to the devotees.:"how foolish to speak of compassion! Man is an insignificant worm crawling on the earth- and he is to show compassion to others! This is absurd. It must not be compassion but service to all. Recognize them as God's manifestations and serve them. " Only Narendra understood the implication of the Master's words. Leaving the room , he said to the others: what a wonderful light I have discovered in those words of the Master!....all activities should be directed to the service of man, the manifestation of God upon earth and this will accelerate the progress towards God . If it be the will of God , I shall one day prevail this noble truth before the world at large. In this connection on the mark of Ganga puja day dated 4th June Ramakrishna Math Koyilandy distributed Note books, pen pencil some books etc. to 50 poor Students of fisherman colony.

150th Birth Anniversary of Sister Nivedita

28th May 2017

On 28th May 1899 Sister Nivedita addressed on Ma Kali at the Kali Ghat Temple Premises. To mark this red letter day, the Ramakrishna Math, Koyilandy had arranged for the celebration of the 150th Birth Anniversary of Sister Nivedita on the very day of 28th of May, this year. Swami Punyatmananda Asst. Secretary of Ramakrishna Mission, Kozhikode and Mr. Manoj Kumar Principal of Ramakrishna Mission Higher Secondary School kindly graced the occasion, being the chief guest and guest of honour respectively. In remembrance of the historical event a cultural program was put up by the children of Gadadhar Abhyudaya Prakalpa (GAP). At the end of Pragramme School bags, Umbrellas, Bathing soaps, Washing powder, Instrument boxes, Note books, Pens and Pencils were distributed among the children. Around 200 people attended the programme. Related photographs are attached herewith.


21th May 2017

Ramakrishna Math koyilandy conducted a half day spiritual retreat on 21st May 2017, from 4 pm to 6pm. Around 50 devotees and some students (GAP) attended the retreat. The retreat schedule was: vedic chanting, bhajans, guided meditation, reading from Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna in Malayalam and spiritual talk. The spiritual talk was given by Swami Nandatmajanandaji Maharaj, editor of Prabhuddha Keralam, a magazin of Ramakrishna Math, Thrissur, kerala.

Yoga Class

Health awareness programme

5th May 2017

Health awareness programme was conducted in our Ashrama Auditorium on 5th May 2017,for the poor children of fisherman colony.


24th April 2017

Ramakrishna Math, Koyilandy arranged a tour to ‘Sadhu Meri Kingdom’ amusement Park at Kannur District in Kerala, Under the leadership of Brahmachari Maharaj. The team included 26 students and 6 volunteers. The ‘Sadhu Meri Kingdom’ amusement Park is a wonderful place and it includes number of ridings and museum. The students enjoyed very much.

Retreat at Koyilandy


28th February 2017

The ashrama celebrated 182nd birthday(Tithi Puja) of Sri Ramakrishna on 28th February.There was special pooja followed by homa, pushpanjali and talk by Swami Sundaranda Maharaj,Adhyaksha,Ramakrishna Math,Koyilandy and Mr.Aneesh a devotee, in the presence of many devotees.On this auspecious day ashrama launched its own website.The website was launched by Mr. T. MOHAMMED ANIFA, chief manager , State Bank of India, Koyilandy.