Ramakrishna Math Koyilandy

This ashram is a branch centre of Belur math. In 1915 March 30 Swami Nirmalananda consecrated a Sri Ramakrishna temple in Koyilandy. In 1929 a new building for the Ashrama got constructed. From 1986 onward this center has become an independent center under Belur Math.Read More



Mangal Arati at 5.00AM followed by Vedic Chanting and hymns from Bhagavad Geeta. Regular worship in the morning from 8.00AM to 9.00AM.

Gadadhar Abhyudaya
Prakalpa (GAP)

A non-formal education center for 100 deprived children, where children are given coaching in school subjects along with nutritious food

Service In Rural And Tribal Areas

Distribution of clothes to the poor in the tribal and rural areas in collaboration with Belur Math and ITC.