Sri Sarada Devi

" Never fear, He is ever looking after you. Do His work and practise Sadhana. A little work daily drives away idle thoughts from the mind. A solitary and inactive life is liable to be troubled with idle thinking."

Chronology of Main Events related to Sri Maa Sarada Devi's Life

Year Event
1853 December 22 Birth
1859 May Marriage and first visit to Kamarpukur
1860 December Second visit to Kamarpukur
1866 May (?) Third visit to Kamarpukur
1866 December - 1867 January Fourth visit to Kamarpukur
1867 May- November Fifth visit to Kamarpukur
1872 March (?) First visit to Dakshineshwar
1872 June 5 Shodashi-puja
1873 Middle At Jayrambati
1874 March 26 Death of her father
1874 Middle Second visit to Dakshineshwar
1875 September At Jayrambati
1875 Severe attack of dysentery and awakening of Simhavahini
1875 November Commencement of Jagaddhatri worship
1876 February27 Death of her mother-in-law, Chandramani Devi
1876 April Shambhu Babu’s donation of a house
1877 January Third visit to Dakshineshwar (Meeting with robbers at Telo-bhelo)
1881 February or March Fourth Visit to Dakshineshwar
1882 February Fifth visit to Dakshineshwar
1884 Sixth visit to Dakshineshwar
1885 March Seventh visit to Dakshineshwar
1885 October With Sri Ramakrishna at Shyampukur
1885 December 11 With Sri Ramakrishna at Cossipore. During this period Vow of fast at Tarakeshwar
1886 August 16 Passing away of Sri Ramakrishna
1886 August 30 First pilgrimage to North India (mainly Vrindavan)
1887 from September At Kamarpukur (for about nine months)
1888 up to October At Nilambar Mukherjee's garden-house (Belur)
1888 from November At Puri
1889 from February At Kamarpukur
1890 March 25 Pilgrimage to Gaya
1890 October At Jayrambati
1893 At Nilambar Babu's garden-house
1895 Second pilgrimage to Vrindavan
1904-05 Second pilgrimage to Puri
1906 end of January Death of Shyamasundani Devi, mother of Sri Sarada Devi
1907 October Durga worship at Girish's house
1909 May 23 First visit to the ‘Udbodhan’
1910 December At Kothar in Orissa
1911 February-March In the South
1911 June 10 Marriage of Radhu, niece of Sri Sarada Devi
1912 October 16-21 Durga worship at Belur
1912 November 5 –January 15 At Varanasi
1915 August - September At Koalpara
1916 May 15 In the new house at Jayrambati
1916 October 3-6 Durga worship at Belur
1920 July 21 Mahasamadhi